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Well, I guess it's time to let you in on the events that came up yesternight.

Eh, well, Quatre and I can never talk anymore because he's so busy and I guess I just missed him and he looked so tired and is it really my fault that I did what I had to do? It'll remind him of fun again and that's really what I wanted and...

Oops. Ramble!

Basically put, I screwed the "Let's-meet-up-sometime-on-the-twelth-of-never" thing,, kidnapped him. I prefer the term "borrowed".

Heero agreed to it (Hell, he didn't have a choice), but when he asked what my plan was, I came up with...

...nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So! I called up my NEW BEST FRIEND Dorothy Catalonia! Her idea was simply elegant and BRILLIANT I'm telling you!

According to her plan, I called up Rasid and told him my idea. He okayed it, and called off security. Then Heero and I carried Quatre kicking and screaming into Heero's car, and drove him back the apartment.

He's resting his cute little toush in bed right now, and I'm about to bring him some food, maybe.

Just thought to keep everyone updated!
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