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A project for the betterment of our furture.

I have had a lot of people talking at me lately. No one is willing to consider what I have to say; I work with people who still just want me to be a figure head and not active in decision making. Well I am Vice Foreign Minster Dorlin now, I am no longer acting under the name of Peacecraft and it is time for me to act as my father the former Vice Foreign Minster would. It is time I make a stand on my own and show the people I have a voice. What we need is to stop the hate and violence and had unified as one. It is time for peace. We should throw away our weapons of war. The soldiers should lay down their arms. In this fragile time of transition weapons are not need all they do is temp the people to act out in hateful ways. So I propose the Disarmament Project. A project to rid space and earth of all weapons. They are no longer need. Especially the mobile suits the every symbol of our hateful and blood past. I stand by my decision and will not be moved.
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