Zechs Merquise (zechs_merquise) wrote in beatofpeace,
Zechs Merquise

Mars Project Update 004

I am very sorry for the delay in keeping the updates for those who need it. We've been quite behind as of lately, and it has been very difficult to maintain a connection from Mars to Earth. There is an unknown wave being sent through space causing disruption of mechanical outlets and connections. As Noin may have informed you, it was this wave that resulted in our loss of connection with the transportation vehicle, causing it to lose power as well. We have not deciphered what this wave is; however the transportation vehicle has emerged through it without any casualties or damage to the equipment. I will try to maintain a more frequent connection with Earth, but there are no promises until we figure out what this unknown wave is, what it's capable of and how to fix it. Thanks for your patience to everyone who has been involved in the project or who has needed the information about it.
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