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The Beat Of Peace

A Gundam Wing RPG

The Beat of Peace
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We are closed now and no longer looking for new characters. I apologize to everyone who was interested.

The Beat Of Peace

The war is finally over and the five young heroes and those in their lives must adjust to a peaceful world.

If history is like a waltz, can the Beat of Peace last forever?

This community is a Gundam Wing RPG, set after the series and just after Endless Waltz.

If you are interested in joining please check out gw_groupies for details.

Our Character As Of Right Now:
Heero Yuy __notsoperfect
Duo Maxwell braidedjokester
Trowa Barton soulesssoldier
Quatre Winner usual_business
Wufei Chang noblejustice
Relena Darlin servant4peace
Dorothy Catalonia myeyebrowsrock
Lucreiza Noin albino_flame
Hilde Schbeiker hildums
Zechs/Millardo zechs_merquise

Also be sure to check out our "News" account at uesa_news for important updates.

The format for this RPG has been shamlessly based off of gathering_storm a Harry Potter RPG that the mods here adore