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Secret _____ Man - Asian or Agent? (I have a feeling Wu-pancakes would know)

GUESS WHAT? Chicken butt.

Can we back off the topic of I Can't Believe It's Not Mayonnaise or whatever it's called? I mean, EW!

Dude (No, I'm not talking to you, Trowa.), I have to go overtime! And why is it that ever since President Bush served, I get no pay for overtime?

An Ode To The Shrubbery Jr.: You. Suck!

But since I finally have a break until work starts, I want to breach a topic. We never did talk much about what's going on. I know about your jobs, I know a little about your personal life (a little too much of Dorothy's ^_~)...but no one ever really asked how life was going for people.

So, you guys, how have you adjusted to normal life? Have you even adjusted?

Is it even flippin' normal?

Inquiring mind(s) wants to know.
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