Zechs Merquise (zechs_merquise) wrote in beatofpeace,
Zechs Merquise

Mars Project Update 005

Because of the lack of communication Mars currently has with Earth, there has been discussion of possibly filing for a communication shuttle to be built. Most likely this communication shuttle will have direct communication with the Colonies, and then be transferred to Earth. Because of the tight budget the Terraforming project has, we are uncabable of affording such a large equipment, as we have only filed for what is needed to terraform without any inconveniences. The plans we have already outweigh our budget plan. We have asked many commercial businesses to take on our cause. This will, in turn, cause less of a panic on both Earth, the Colonies, and Mars because communication will hopefully be more fluent. If there is any business you know of that is looking to embark in such a plan, please notify myself, Noin, or any other workers on the Mars Project with that information. Spreading the word around would not harm either.
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